Avenue | Twelve

Unique Vintage Rentals

Avenue Twelve is a boutique wedding, party and event rental company in San Luis Obispo, California. We specialize in funky vintage furniture and other unique pieces that transform special events into something magical, memorable and personal. We also offer exclusive styling services by an experienced design team with a professional background in residential, commercial and set design, as well as styling for events ranging from intimate to extravagant. 


Catalina Palm Pillow
Avila Palm Pillow
Black Mudcloth Pillow
Indigo Mudcloth Pillow
White Mudcloth Pillow
Desert Rose Pillow
Arizona Pillow
Primrose Pillow
Sky Harbor Pillow
Pheonix Pillow
Eclipse Pillow
Stellar Pillow
Black Star Pillow
Painted Hide Pillow
Black + White Cowhide Pillow
Brown Cowhide Pillow
Hairpin Side Table.jpg
Native Pillow
Coastline Pillow
Indigo Tribe Pillow
Indigo Tribe Pillow4
Indigo Tribe 3 Pillow
Indigo Tribe 2 Pillow
Wedding Blanket Pillow
Macrame Pillow 1
Macrame Pillow 2
Boho Pillow.jpg
Brown Tribal Pillow
Black Tribal Pillow
Snake Eye Pillow
Tangarine Velvet Pillow.jpg
Blush Pillow
Black Velvet Pillow
Navy Velvet Pillow
Gunmetal Velvet Pillow
Gray Velvet Pillow
Olive Velvet Pillow
Teal Velvet Pillow
Turquoise Velvet Pillow
Mint Velvet Pillow