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Avenue Twelve is a boutique wedding, party and event rental company in San Luis Obispo, California. We specialize in funky vintage furniture and other unique pieces that transform special events into something magical, memorable and personal. We also offer exclusive styling services by an experienced design team with a professional background in residential, commercial and set design, as well as styling for events ranging from intimate to extravagant. 

"Danielle said yes to that first date and nine months later, she said yes to forever!"

CASSANDRA + Danielle  

The BeginNingS

Cass and Danielle met through a mutual friend, and in the summer of 2014 Cass asked Danielle to be a part of a running team. They met for breakfast to talk about the race and before they knew it, three hours had passed and they enjoyed countless cups of coffee, many laughs, and good conversation. Danielle watched Cass walk away that day, and couldn't believe how sad she was to watch her go. Unbeknownst to Danielle, Cass spent the rest of the day thinking of her, and just before midnight, she gained the courage to ask Danielle out on a real date. Danielle said yes to that first date and nine months later, she said yes to forever!


Danielle ran in that race with Cass and her team, and Cass decided to propose at that same race a year later. Their running group had finished the race at Torey Pines in San Diego. It was a gorgeous day on the bluffs overlooking the ocean. Their team was made up of close friends, and all were there to share in the beautiful moment. Cass ran over 10 miles that day with the engagement ring tucked away in her pocket. As she tried to pull out the ring to propose, it was caught on the lining of her running pants. It was a clumsy move and Danielle thought Cass was joking at first. Danielle finally realized that Cass was proposing for real, and they both began to cry tears of joy.

ThE wedding Day

They wanted a very intimate wedding, only immediate family. The venue was perfect! With two teachers getting married, there had to be an educational component. The Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History provided the ideal background. Getting ready, they each had their families around them, a little bit of crazy and a lot of love!

As luck would have it, in the middle of summer, in the worst drought in California's history, it rained on their wedding day. But they were so thankful for the light rain and the thunder... it made the day magical and a clearing appeared just before the start of the ceremony.

When Cass first saw Danielle come down the aisle, she felt as if she was going to explode. The love that she has for this woman overwhelmed her and she was a complete ball of tears. Following tradition, neither of them had seen the other's dress. When Cass finally saw Danielle’s dress, she felt it was more than perfect.

Some parts of the wedding were very traditional and others very unique, a great blend of who Cass and Danielle are as people. That is why they wanted to use our MisMatched chairs. Each chair is beautiful alone, but the collective beauty was more than they could have expected. The individuality of the chairs, captured perfectly, their individual relationships with each of the guests. Cass and Danielle are kooky individuals, who fit perfectly together, just like the MisMatched chairs. Looking back, Cass describes the chairs as the trademark of their wedding and Avenue Twelve could not have been happier to be a part of such a special love story.

Photography // Kiel Rucker

Venue // Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

Rentals // Avenue Twelve

Florals //